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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our Trial & Triumph - Week Full of Blessings

I have this great "thankful journal" that sits on my desk at work. It's good to have. Especially right now. Everyday I write five things that I am thankful for. I decided to make a long list of all of the blessings I saw in my week this past week. You know that saying, "Count your many blessings. Name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done?" It's true.

A little of our list of blessings this week:
1. John Fager offering to have my boys go to wrestling for free.
2. Janessa Fager bringing dinner.
3. Miss Pam ( offering to take our family pictures for free.
4. My sweet boss who gave me a blessing on Tuesday. He is getting SOOO much better at listening to me sob.
5. Gayle Perkins checking on a home for us.
6. Paityn and Sydnee giving Braxton a heart attack.
7. Braxton's clean biopsy results.
8. My ability to pay for car insurance.
9. Mommy Martha cutting hair and sending me home with food.
10. Braxton taking pictures of the sunset from our kitchen and sending them to me.
11. My ability to drive a stick shift, even though I never have.
12. My sister, Carrie, coming to my work to listen, to talk, and to bring me snacks.
13. Texts from Ernie twice a day every day, never missing a day. I love him.
14. Braxton's school being so accommodating to him.
15. Family prayers, scriptures study, cheer, and FHE.
16. My boys smiles and laughter and prayers on my behalf.
17. Videos and talks that are uplifting and inspiring and comforting.
18. Instant - literally instant - answers to prayers.
19. Facebook and blog messages from so many, expressing love and support. Thank you isn't enough.
20. Miss Kristin checking in all the time, cheering us on.
21. Primary songs, church hymns

Find joy.

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