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Monday, February 29, 2016

Our Trial & Triumph - Weekends

Saturday, we went to get family pictures done. People, I CANNOT wait to get these back! It was SO fun and my boys are so handsome! Well, Friday Braxton came home and showed me that he had a great big shiner on his left eye. He got elbowed in the hallway at school. WHAT?! Braxton, are you serious? Family pictures are tomorrow. He just smiled that irresistible smile and walked away.
After family pictures, we went to the DI. Did you know that on Saturday mornings when the DI opens, it's like Black Friday? People were lined up outside. I thought for sure something magical was about to happen! And it did. They opened the doors. That's it. That's all. They opened the doors. Nothing magical. Weird. The boys looked through treasures and found an old-fashioned monitor thing that we used to have in classrooms for the projector to shine on. It was $10. I was the best mom every when I said, "yes." Next, we headed to Sam's Club for groceries. When we got home, I told the boys that I needed some me-time. I needed to re-charge. My old boss and dear friend, Ryan, always tells me to re-charge and to take time for me. So, I did. I got a Diet Coke and headed to the Clinton nail place. I closed my eyes and relaxed while a nice young man rubbed my feet and my legs. It was exactly what I needed.
Sunday was full of church and Family Home Evening. Braxton taught us about doing our best and about not judging others, because we never know what people are going through. He is such a great teacher. I'm so proud of my boys!

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