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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Our Trial and Triumph - Angels in Action

It's time to start posting about our angels in action. There are SO many! So, they will be in no particular order. That is code for "Don't get offended!"

Thursday, before Braxton had surgery, I asked both sets of my parents, Brandon and Carrie to be in our home. I also had Logan and Skip on speaker phone. It was super important to me that my boys and I were surrounded by the people who love us most while I told my boys that Josh would be moving out. (This was a week before we found out the entire truth from Josh) My family was there. They drove to our house and were on speaker phone as I read the words I had written for my four babies. As I read to them the thoughts of my heart, they sobbed. Every one of them was held by someone as tears streamed. As they shook and cried uncontrollably, they were held and comforted by their uncle and aunt and grandparents. Afterwards, Papa gave each of us a blessing with Uncle Brandon and Pops standing in the circle. It was a powerful and spiritual night.

Friday as Braxton was taken into emergency surgery, Uncle Brandon went home and packed bags for me and the boys. He brought the boys to the hospital. Papa was at the hospital as well. Brandon took care of my children Friday, Saturday, and Sunday while I was with Braxton. Nana helped with the kids Saturday. Papa and Grandma were at the hospital with me. Pops and Nana came and visited at the hospital. Nana cleaned my house. Brandon stocked the shelves with fruit and vegetables. Carrie brought me a care package for Valentines Day from she and my brothers.

Logan and Skip have sent money and clothes for my boys. Brandon has offered the boys to spend time with him whenever they need. Carrie brought me some food at work last week. Nana and Pops are paying off a medical bill that I've been paying on for four years. My boys and I receive texts, emails, and phone calls constantly from our family. We have indeed been blessed by an unconditionally loving family. My boys and I know that we are loved and supported and prayed for.

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