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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Our Trial and Triumph - Angels in Action

My co-workers have been nothing short of on point, all the time. I have the biggest work family and they have been so good to me. My boss is getting SO good at listening to me cry and knowing when this girlie needs a blessing. The 84 guys who look gruff and rough are my protectors! They make sure that I am happy and comfortable and laughing and eating. I feel sorry for anyone who ever wants to take me on a date. They'll have to pick me up from here and go through a reception line of 84 men who will not allow anything bad to happen to me or my kids!

My sweet Ernie still texts me every morning and every night. He has been out for a couple of months because of surgery but he has found a way to come in twice just to hug his Spunky. He constantly reminds me that I am doing this every day and I am doing great.

Tracey and X-man make me laugh everyday. They make me laugh. They keep me entertained. I am beyond blessed to work in a place where I am loved, safe, and happy!

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