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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Our Trial and Triumph - Angels In Action

I don't have very many close friends - those who pretty much know everything about me and have stood by me anyways. Being my friend is probably pretty similar to riding the worlds fastest roller coaster all day long, over and over again.

Becky Beck. Becky and Mo were my visiting teachers 15 years ago. They never came and taught me a lesson. Ever. Instead, once a month we went to eat. And talk. And cry. And laugh. If you're with Mo and you don't laugh, there is probably something wrong with you! Becky was the first person to hold Colton. Becky and Mo have been my friends through three failed marriages. They love me anyways. They have done so while experiencing their own life-changing trials. No one does trials with as much grace and dignity as B Beck. No one. Mo always says she wants to be Becky when she grows up. Me too. Me too.
My Heidi (Mommy Martha) is one of my greatest blessings. This girl is the one who came over late on Friday night right after I learned that a baby would be born to my spouse. She held me. She held Jackson. She let me cry. She made sure Priesthood holders were on their way over to give blessings to Jackson and I. She is a far better mommy to Colton than I could ever be. She is the best second mommy to my boys that there could ever be. She has fed my family, wiped my tears, made me laugh, and comforted me more than I could ever say. She is hysterical. She is gorgeous. She is such a good mom to her four munchkins, who I love and adore. I don't know what I'd do without her, and I never want to find out.
Mo is the epitomy of joy. Seriously, this girl makes me laugh so hard. She has been through it and she just continues to find happiness in everything that she does. She is absolutely committed to her children and they adore her. I love her to the moon and back and am so grateful I have her!
My Sarah (Miss Birdie) is my sister from another mister. I met Sarah a few years ago - like seven or so years ago. We met because her husband got a job at the College in the same office as I was in. He noticed something about me and said that he thought his wife and I should meet. She is an amazing writer, animal care-giver, and friend. She has dedicated her life to making sure that no one gets hurt the way she and I have been hurt. She volunteers. She loves. She serves. She saved my life six years ago, literally. She continues to remind me everyday that I am worth it. That I am strong enough. That I am better than I think I am. She is the reason I am here and she is the reason that I choose joy.
It is my honor to call these four women my friends. Someday, I hope to repay them for what they have given me - for filling my heart with love and safety and commitment. I cannot imagine doing life without them.

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