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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Our Trial and Triumph - Service

Over the past week, I have been researching volunteer opportunities for the boys and I. I came across the Family Connection Center. I emailed them and told them that we don't have much time to donate between school, my work and Jackson's work, but that we want to do something. They asked that we put together toys or craft kits for the kids who are there. Perfect!

Except that last night was a nightmare. My boys were out of control. I'm pretty sure no one heard any of the scriptures! They were fighting over touching each other's feet, who farted and why, who took whose soda... It went on and on. Right after dinner, we loaded in the car and went to the Dollar Store to get supplies. I seriously wanted to tie them up and duct tape their mouths, but I resisted. UGH!

When we got home, I took everything out and organized the boys into groups. They loaded their craft bags. We ended up with 32 craft kits to donate. We will take the box this week.
This morning, when we knelt for family prayer, Kaydon said to me, "Mom, you're doing great. I'm really proud of you. I tell everyone at school that I have the best mom." Thanks KK. We are all doing just fine.

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