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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Our Trial and Triumph - Week Full of Blessings

It really is true that when you begin to count your blessings, they are too numerous to contain. They are every where. They just need to be looked for, recognized, and thanks given for them.
1. Book from Sarah (look for tomorrow's post)
2. My amazing, awesome, comforting co-workers. My boss told me that when I begin dating again, the guys will have to come to the office where they will be greeted by 79 men who will interview them and threaten them with their lives. He wasn't kidding. I am blessed beyond words.
3. Mom and Pops paying off a medical bill I've been paying on for four years.
4. Kaydon's comment: "You're doing good, Mom. I'm so proud of you."
5. My ability to pay my bills this week.
6. My pedicure. Awwwwww.
7. Logan's phone call.
8. My new crocodile tooth necklace from Sweet Jude. It's beautiful and it's meaning is amazing.
9. Laughter!!!!!
10. Sunshine and warmth. It's about time to get my camping chair out for my lunch breaks again!
11. Sayings like the one above that are sent to me daily. Articles, pictures, talks... all of which bring me comfort and remind me that I am DOING this right now. Every day. We are DOING.
12. Music
13. Gus Gus
14. Our ability to do service
15. Becky's texts
16. Karly's talk in church last Sunday.
17. Hannah's piano solo in church last Sunday. I could listen to that girl everyday.
18. Heidi's phone calls.
19. Natalie, Katherine, and Heidi picking up Colton and taking him home everyday.
20. Love - the real kind of love. The love that has integrity and doesn't hurt. The love that is there simply because we are all ALWAYS worth it.

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