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"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Our Trials and Triumph - Fight On

Miss Sarah sent me a package and I got it yesterday. It had a book in it, "Fight On." It is amazing. Complete awesome-sauce. I read it and re-read it! You should too. Seriously, I want to shout these words from the roof top for everyone to hear.
The first page: "You are doing it!"
Another: "You are allowed to say no. You are allowed to let go. You are allowed to protect yourself. You are allowed to enjoy yourself. You are allowed to put yourself first."

"If you knew how capable you are, you'd stop worrying and start amazing yourself!"

"Do not give your time to the things that drain you, the thoughts that bring you down, or the people who break your heart. Make room for GOOD things to begin!"

"Just because your miracle doesn't look like the miracle you were expecting, that doesn't mean it isn't the one you've been waiting for."

"You do not need anyone to light up your life. There is great joy in discovering that you can do that for yourself."

"Yes, there is pain. There is beauty too. Keep your heart open."

"YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER. Your heart and soul have been telling it to you all along."

"There is nothing wrong with starting again."

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