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Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Weekend

Last week was rough. Perhaps it was just a culminating effect type thing. But, on Friday while driving back and forth, to and from Colton's neuro-psych testing, I realized I needed to throw up a white flag. I called my mom and asked if the boys could spend the weekend with them. She said, "Of course." I knew that if I didn't take some deep breaths for a day or two, I might just lose it. I needed to cry. I needed to scream. I needed to let myself be frustrated - without my boys there to witness it. I needed to get things in order, in my head. I slept until 3 pm on Sunday, completely missing church. I took Gus for a quick walk, then went back to my bed.

My babies got home late Sunday afternoon and they were bearing gifts for their Mama. My heart was full again. My home was full again. I was so happy to see them. This week, while they are on Spring Break, I know that they are in a warm home with food and each other. I am so thankful.

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