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Monday, May 9, 2016

Celebrating Moms!

I made sure that this weekend was about celebrating me. If I don't, who is going to?!?! :)

My boys and I went to breakfast Saturday morning, then to see Captain America. He is delicious. I was completely content looking at his face for two and a half hours. Who knows what the plot was or who the other characters were?! Who cares?! Then we went to Kohl's and got Colton some shoes. That boy and his shoes!

Sunday morning, I woke up to breakfast in bed. They totally spelled "mom" with apples. It made me cry. The boys and I watched movies and played Monopoly. It was Heaven.

Saturday night, Josh brought Brooklyn over to give me a card. It was really touching for me because I have been a little emotional about not seeing her for the first time in six years on Mother's Day. I appreciated him bringing her over. She wanted to rub my shoulders and have me hold her. She is getting so big and so smart and so sassy! She'll always have a huge place in my heart. I will forever love her. She'll always be my girl.

He also came Sunday night and made dinner. He has signed the papers and I am waiting for the fee waiver from the courts. Once I have that approved, I can turn in his signed papers. I am grateful that he wanted to make me dinner for Mother's Day. I hope we can always be friends and that I can have a forgiving heart - I have a ways to go on that.

My boys are my everything. They are my joy. They are my protectors, my comic relief, my gentlemen, my stress :), my reason that I work so hard every single day. I love them so much and I am so grateful that I was chosen to be their mama.

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