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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Date Night & All That Glitter

I am fully aware that there is going to be a day, very soon probably, when my teenage boys do not look forward to Friday Night Date Nights with Mama. However, right now they are not complaining about it. In fact, they seem to look forward to it every week. This has been our new tradition. Last Friday, I got a text from Jackson. "Pizza Pie Café." I said, "Is that where we are going for date night?" He said, "Yup, and wherever else you want to go." I love that so much! He was thinking about it and even had a plan.

So, we met there with our end of the year free meal coupons and the boys filled up on pizza. They wanted to go next door to Seagull Book and Tape to look for books. Then, they wanted to go to Joann's Craft Store. My Braxton and Kaydon are super creative and love to do crafty stuff. Everyone got a roll of duct tape to create with. SO awesome! They posed for our date night picture. It made me laugh SO hard! I can't wait to put together a post about all of our date nights!!!

Finally, we went to Rue 21. They were selling shirts for $2 on clearance. Each of the boys got two. I'm a huge spender, I know. Free dinner, duct tape, and $4 in shirts. Whoa, Mama!!

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