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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dear Mr. Mommy Martha

Dear Mr. Mommy Martha-

Thanks for letting Braxton hang out with you for a few minutes last night while the others got hair cuts. He really enjoyed it, and probably needed it too. My boys think that your new semi truck is pretty much the coolest thing of all time. Braxton was explaining all kinds of things to me about it last night as I was tucking myself in. He said that you are worried that it might be the biggest mistake of your life. But, my boys have seen some pretty big mistakes be made in their short lives. They think it's rather awesome that you took a chance on your dream and made it come true.

I think that it's rather awesome that you are a good, loyal, and faithful husband to Mommy Martha. I also think it's rather awesome that you are a good daddy to those four blessings you have in your home. I also think it's awesome that you let us invade your home when we come to get hair cuts once a month. So, thank you for everything!


The Other Heidi

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