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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our Trial and Triumph - A Week Full of Blessings

What is not okay about situations like mine is how many people it effects. It doesn't just effect me or my children - it effects everyone who loves us and cares about us. That breaks my heart and I am so sorry.

1. Perry
This guy has been my boss for one year. He has learned to deal with my sassy attitude. He has become so good at listening to me cry. Wednesday was a tough day for me -- and for him. I got that text message we talked about a couple of days ago. He walked in right after I got it. I lost it. Like, I couldn't breathe. I sobbed and sobbed. P just sat there, without a word to say. He blocked the contact. He told me I was okay and that it was all going to be okay, then he left to go help his daughter. I left shortly after to go home, to my bed. He tried calling over and over and over. I didn't answer. Finally I did and he sounded panicked. He told me that he had been trying to check on me, wanted to know where I was, who I was with, and if I was ok. Then yesterday, he and I drove around for 7 hours for Make a Difference Day. We talked and talked. He told me that "everyone" knew this day was coming and they had tried to prepare for it so that they could help me. He reminded me that everything was ok.
2. Ernie
Same work, same great crew. This guy has been my rock. He texted me Wednesday and told me, "We got you. We got you until you have you. We won't let you go." He came in yesterday morning and just hugged me. I know they have me. They always have.
3. Becky
She just knows. She just always knows.
4. Sarah
5. Celeste
On vacation, at her mom's, out of no where, she messaged me. She told me, "I hear you." "I understand." "It's done now. Now you just get to move forward."
She reminded me that she is just a message away and always will be.
6. My sweet mom
She is such a good listener. She calls and checks on me. She brings me back to my center. She has been so amazing.
7. Xavier and Kay and Tracey
I am so extremely blessed with the best co-workers who listen and comfort and help to explain and who are so patient with me.
8. Heidi
One of my greatest blessings. Seriously.
9. My brothers and sister
Just never give up on me.
10. LeAnne
I miss working with her so much. She just keeps comforting me and loving me.
11. These Boys
Enough said.

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