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Friday, May 27, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

I was running late this morning, so I hollered to Colton and asked him if he would make my lunch. I told him I would like yogurt, string cheese, and grapes. He was so excited to help with this. (Seriously) When I got downstairs, he had it all ready for me. He told me he packed two otter pops AND a freezer pack to keep them cold. (Autism is seriously awesome that way) Then he told me, "Red and blue stand for I love you."

How lucky am I?!?!
Yesterday was the sixth grade play. Colton had one line. He practiced it all week and Kaydon put together his costume. He was very, very nervous. But, he did AWESOME. He did his line like it was nothing! All of the other kids had multiple lines, and they ALL did so good! There were a couple of times during the play when something would fall and make a loud sound. He didn't shriek or yell, but he did run to pick them up right in the middle of the play. He is awesome that way. He didn't want anyone to be hurt or anyone to have to pick it up, so he just ran right in and took care of it!!

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