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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

You ARE Enough. You ARE Loved.

So, yesterday I blogged about sobbing for a good portion of the weekend - when I wasn't at work and wasn't at the ER, I was crying. Rough freaking weekend. (Don't repeat that "F" word, I don't let my kids say it) Braxton went to his friend's house on Saturday. Right after he left, I called him crying and told him to come home. I needed him to put a movie in for me. He was a good son and comforted me. Then he left again to go to his friend's house.

Miss Teresa was trying to tell me that I was worth it, that I was enough and that I was loved. Then, Monday morning I got amazing, beautiful yellow flowers in a smiley face vase. I cried again, but good tears. The note said, "You ARE more than enough!! Love you!" I am so blessed.

I texted Rock (Ernie) on Sunday night to ask him if he could get me a piece of wood to color on. He made me this awesome oak lap table. I love it. So much. I can't wait to color on it!

Things are so dang hard right now, but I HAVE to look for the good in everything and there is SO MUCH GOOD. I am so thankful.

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