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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Braxton Dean Jorgensen

Braxton Dean Jorgensen.

Braxton, you are 14 1/2 years old. You are 6'2" and have always had a slim build. You have eyes that never cease to amaze me. Your brothers call you "t-rex" because of the size of your hands. They ARE abnormally large!

Mom calls you Peanut. You were the best baby. You loved your binkie upside down in your mouth, your blankie that you dragged around like Liunus, and your one eyebrow was always arched like you were a little terror in an adorable body! I used to squeeze your little cheeks for days. So cute! You were very busy and loved Jackson from day one.

You are passionate, creative, super hard-working, self-starting, and emotional. Girls love you. You like girls. You can fix things like a boss. Whenever I need something fixed or taken care of, I holler your name and you come running. If you boys are ever meeting me somewhere, you come out to the car and make sure all doors are opened for me. You treat me like a queen.

You tried to die on me six months ago. It scared the tar out of me. But, you are better now. You will do great things. Mommy is proud of you. I am proud of all of you. Mommy loves you all so much. I am so honored to be your mommy. I am so grateful that I am sealed to the four of you for eternity.

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