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Monday, June 27, 2016

Colton's ER Visit

After we got home from the ER on Friday night, Colton got to watch the Lego Movie for the umpteenth time in Mama's room.
Friday, Jackson called me with Colton SCREAMING in the background. Braxton had just jammed a toothpick into Colton's thigh to "pop a thing" that was on his thigh. Jackson was squeezing the infection out. Mama headed home to take care of the aftermath. When I arrived, Colton was throwing up and it was clear that I needed to take him to the ER. When you have an autistic child who also has ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities, the ER is not some where you wish to go to. He didn't want shoes on so we went without. The staff was incredibly awesome.
While the doctor did an ultrasound on his thigh, they gave him a wash rag to take apart. He was so brave. Turns out, he has Staff. Most of his left thigh is infected. Jackson was able to get all but 8 mm of the puss out. The doctor was incredibly impressed that he was able to do that and that Colton was able to take it. The doctor explained that abscesses are so painful.
They sent us home with a very strong antibiotic, Zofran for vomiting and instructions to take four baths a day - which Colton loves!

I am so done with hospitals.

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