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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Having a Hard Time

Dear God-

Monday night, I brought my boys together (who were emotional, angry, sad, scared, tired, confused, broken) and I offered a prayer. I told you that we were having a hard time, that we were tired, that we were broken. I also told you that we were thankful - for each other, for our love for each other, for the people who love us and support us, for the fact that we have somewhere to go and won't need to go to the Women's Shelter. I asked you to comfort my children, to give us the energy we need to move again, to give us the motivation to get this done and to get it done timely. I asked you to protect us, to help us to sleep at night. Then, the boys all crawled in to bed with me. Kaydon said, "Mom, we are so rich in some ways." I told him that indeed we are. Our lives have been turned upside down over and over and over and over again, but we have always had each other - the five of us. We have just what we need.

We moved to Layton yesterday. It's our new home, our new normal. We will plant seeds here, as we have every place we have been. We will try our best every day, just as we have every day.

Please be with us, Father. Please help us to feel you there with us. Please surround us with angels. Please bless us with what we need.



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