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Friday, June 10, 2016


I pretty much feel that I should have a birthday like every day. I am quite fond of my birthday. It's June 11. I repeat that line about 1,296 times the week before June 11. "My birthday is June 11." People at work KNOW when my birthday is. In fact, they joke that they forget their own birthdays because my birthday is engrained in their minds. I see nothing wrong with that!

At my awesome full-time job, we get the day off for our birthday. Isn't that great?! So, Friday I will be off since June 11 (my birthday) is on a Saturday. I'll fill my time with Kaydon and Colton since Jackson and Braxton are at camp. But, this morning Xavier brought Kneaders goodies for everyone. We are on a serious sugar high and I could not be happier!

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