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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Cool Little Story

Once upon a time, there was a mama and her four boys. The mama and her four boys seemed to be having quite a rough year. Things just didn't seem to be going smoothly. At all. Ever. Just when they thought they found a place to live for a year that would allow the mama to save for a house and allow the boys to stay in their school, they had to move out and find a new place immediately. The mama cried. The boys cried. Prayers on their behalf were said and things worked out. The mama and her four boys found a place just in the nick of time. Literally.

The mama met with her new bishop this past Sunday. The bishop, young men's presidency, and scout master came to introduce themselves before the records were even in their ward. The bishop also brought the left over food from girls camp to the mama and her four boys on Saturday. The mama and four boys were grateful for how welcome the ward was making them feel. All the mama ever heard was, "The young women have never been so happy!"

On Sunday, as the bishop got to know the mama, the bishop asked what happened at the previous home. The mama told him that things were just really difficult there, and then on June 11 the mama received a phone call to tell them that they had to be out right away. The bishop looked at the mama and said, "That is the very day that the ward began to fast and pray for a family with boys to move in."

The end.

To deny the hand of God in our lives is impossible. Sometimes I wish there were less painful ways, less traumatic ways, less scary ways - but in the end, there is a plan for each of us and it will all be alright in the end.

In other news, this oldest boy of mine wanted a date with Mama last night. He got it! We sat and ate, then he talked and talked and talked for an hour and a half. I am oh, so grateful that my boys talk to me. He is a good boy with a pure heart. And, he makes me laugh out loud.

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