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Monday, July 11, 2016

Date Night Minus Two

These two handsome boys and I had date night on Friday without Jackson and Braxton. Jackson was in Sandy for the week with his best friend, Dalton. Braxton was in St. George for the weekend with his best friend, Blake.

The boys and I got something to eat, then they wanted to walk around the mall. I was all about walking around the mall! It was air conditioned and walking around the mall doesn't cost a dime! We found these two massaging chairs. I have never been so entertained. People literally stopped and watched my boys in these chairs because it was pure comedy!!

I love these boys of mine. I worked twenty hours this week at my p/t job and only saw my kiddies for a few minutes. They bring me so much joy! Kaydon said to me on Friday night, "Mama you are doing great. You are so pretty." I said, "WE are doing great, KK." We really are.

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