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Monday, July 25, 2016

Date Night

Thursday night, rather than going to Sam's for groceries, we went to Kohl's for school shopping. Each boy had his own cart and a calculator. They added up their finds and then took off 55% for our discount. They each had to be at $100. The three oldest went off on their own, while I took Colton. Kaydon had a big notebook with a list of his needs. The other two had a list on their phones. I was a proud mama watching them be frugal, and always folding clothing and putting it right back where they got it from, never leaving anything in the fitting rooms - but always hanging it back up and putting it back where they found it. We came in way under budget. We could not have done this without my guys at work. We are so thankful.

After shopping, we went to Subway to spend our gift cards. Everyone filled their tummies up and left there happy, ready to close our eyes for the night. Now we just need to worry about shoes and backpacks.

So blessed!

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