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Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorite

I have had three back surgeries. Each of those surgeries removed a disk from my spine. So, I am missing my bottom three disks and it is facet joint on facet joint. I am in constant pain, but have learned to live with it pretty dang well.

When I work at Kohl's, it is a bit more painful. I am on my feet for 4 - 10 hours straight - squatting down, bending, lifting, walking and walking. I decided to try some inserts in my shoes to see if a little extra padding would help at all.

It worked!
I am actually completely fine with the ones you just buy at the grocery store, or pharmacy. I cut them down to fit into my shoes and I am good to go. Obviously, they don't make them for flip flops, which is a complete travesty. Seriously. But, they work great in my flats and they help so much!

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