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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Laguna Beach, Lagoon

The boys and I headed to Lagoon, again, yesterday. The season passes that we got for Christmas have been so amazing! We have definitely used them A LOT! I love that we have a "free" option for entertainment! The big boys rode some rides while Colton and I hung out at Laguna Beach. I don't have any pictures of Colt because he is a fish and is always in the water. Again, Autism is a funny thing. When in the water, that kiddo is perfectly content. He won't leave the water and wander. He is just so happy in there. I can watch him from my chair. As soon as he is out of the water, it is complete chaos again. We have a routine now, where we go right from Laguna Beach to the slurpee refill station on our way out of the park. That gives him a point a to a point b. That has helped the chaos trying to get out of there.

This mama LOVES the sunshine! And I really love my babies!

Don't mind the picture of Braxton - he and Jackson were having an ice-spitting contest. Just another day with boys!

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