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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Our Trial and Triumph - A Week of Blessings

1. We are moved in!
2. Humility
3. Little black boys who come to my front door and say, "Da big boys pus us on da sings. Peas!!"
4. Holding babies
5. The new ward's scout master coming to meet my boys
6. Snow cones
7. Miss B Beck (how did I get so lucky to have her as a friend?)
8. Loving on Aunt Lois
9. Grandpa Nef's hugs and kisses
10. People who take time with Colton to get to know him and love him
11. P and his boys
12. New pillows
13. Miss Tonya bringing dinner
14. Carrie bringing dinner
15. Hot water (trust me, it's WAAAY better than ice cold water)
16. Working AC
17. Ryan
18. Ability to pay bills and buy groceries
19. Sunshine
20. Movies in bed with my boys

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