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"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Friday, July 15, 2016


Rock thinks it's funny to come in each morning with the graffiti camera and take a picture of me. I have no clue he's doing it until I download the graffiti pictures and there I am. Here I am, very tired from a 17 hour work day the day before.
Remember how I told my sweet friend at work who is going through a horrible divorce that just because you have a bad day after lots of good days, that does not mean you are failing? And not to be hard on herself because everyone goes through these roller coasters - even if they aren't going through traumatic experiences? And how she is doing tons better than she thinks she is? I need to listen to myself right now.

Yesterday, one of my most solid supporters, someone who I have depended on and who has lifted me up over and over and over again said something that he thought was funny at the time, but that really wasn't funny at all - like not at all. About 2.5 seconds after he said it and saw the look on my face, he apologized over and over again. I walked away and he followed me with my favorite purple taffy, dropping it on my desk and apologizing for being "ignorant." I sat at my desk for a good hour, numb. There are just some things that sting. There are some phrases, some words, some innuendos that hurt - like a lot. Like a lot a lot.

99.9999% of the time, no one intentionally offends us or hurts us. That's the truth. When they do, we can cry a little or roll our eyes a little or chuckle a little - then we need to move forward! That's the part I need to learn - not to think about it over and over and over again.

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