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Monday, August 22, 2016

A Surprise Visit

Miss T, who lives in Saratoga Springs!, surprised me on Thursday. She messaged me in the morning and asked if my family liked bottled fruit. I responded that we loved it. Then nothing until around noon, when she messaged me asking when my lunch was. She then told me not to leave because she would be at my office soon! Squeeeeeee! I was so excited to see her and her beauties.

When she got there, she had to run to the restroom. And my run, I mean sprint! I stood outside with her four beauties who were in the van. Miss T's youngest is Miss Victoria:
Seriously, People. Can you even stand the cuteness of her?! She loves to say, "cheeeeeeeeeeese." I wanted to keep her. Miss Jessica is all kinds of sass. I told her she was my best friend! Miss Anastasia is so grown up and calm. Mr. Seth is very serious, very courteous. and very handsome.

I was SO in love with having her come to see me. AND, she brought gifts. Bottled fruit, more 3D mascara and eye liner, ingredients for our special back-to-school-feast, taking place tonight, medicine for my sore back, and hugs.

Love. Love. Love.

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