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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Colton is 13!

This sweet boy turns 13 today!

Colton was born, via C-section, after this mama had been in labor for two weeks! He was 32 weeks gestation. He needed a little help with temperature and feeding, and was in the NICU for three weeks. I was so grateful to have him home!

Papa and Nana used to get up with him every night because I had Kaydon duty all of the time. I think that is partly why he is so close to Nana and Papa. Colton has always loved horses, Legos, stuffed animals, and movies. About six years ago, we began to notice that Colton had some real struggles. Initially he was diagnosed with ADD, then ADHD, then Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, and several learning disorders.

In our most recent appointment (this week), we were told that Colton is at about a five or six year old level, and will remain that way. His doctor said, "Isn't that wonderful?!" I love her attitude! Imagine how great it would be to be an innocent child throughout our lives. Colton still loves horses, stuffed animals, Legos, and movies. He also likes to play games on his Kindle, color, do puzzles, and be with Mama. He loves to swim and be in the water. It is super calming to him.

Colton is such a blessing. We love that we get to have him in our family. His doctor always says, "Structure for Success." That is what we are going to work harder to do!

Happy, happy birthday Sweet Boy! We love you so much!

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