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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Colton's Day

Colton's day didn't start out too well. Jackson met me at the doctor with him. He had to have blood drawn and a physical for some high blood pressure issues that have had him off of his meds for a few days. (It's been a treat) Everyone involved in that doctor visit was traumatized. Poor Colton walked out of the doctor's office shaking and sniffling from crying and talking to himself while he tried to get to the car. Then, he stood by the truck door and waited patiently for me to get him the gifts Uncle Ernie got for him. Then I sent my boys on their way while I drove back to work.

When I got home from work, Colton and Kaydon were on the living room floor playing with the Legos that Ernie got him. I ordered pizza (thanks coupons!) and we ate and then devoured the dessert that Braxton made over two days. (Unbelievably good!) We sang to him and he just smiled. He had mostly forgotten about his morning. Then he went back to playing with his Legos.

A little later, our bishop brought him a bag of M&Ms. He really is the best bishop a single mom of four boys could ask for.

We love you oh, so much Colton!

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