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Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Day of School 2016-17

The boys started school yesterday! Uncle Brandon came over Tuesday night to give the boys Priesthood blessings before they began the school year. I was so thankful for that moment. I am so thankful that Uncle Brandon and Aunt Carrie have good relationships with my boys.

Jackson started 11th grade at Layton High School.

Braxton started 9th grade at Fairfield Junior High School.

Kaydon started 8th grade at Fairfield Junior High School.

Colton started 7th grade at Fairfield Junior High School.
This year, I am able to drop the three youngest off in the morning. We load up in the Matchbox and head to school. Braxton and Kaydon get Colton to his classroom, then head to their locker and to their classes. Jackson picks them up in the afternoon, unless he's working. I haven't figured out a plan yet for when he is working.

I was so happy to hear that Braxton and Kaydon ate lunch together yesterday. Colton has a different lunch. But he told me that he was by himself and sweet Lia Katoa (who is in our ward) came up to him and asked if he was lonely. Then, she sat and ate with him. Pretty soon, the other girls in the ward joined them.


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