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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kaydon is 14!

This boy of mine. Every year on his birthday, I send his gastroenterologist an email, thanking him for saving my boy's life all those years ago and telling him that Kaydon is thriving and growing and is just like other healthy 14 year old boys. I am so thankful to have my KK here with me and his brothers.
Kaydon is my sensitive introvert. He is not a fan of crowds, or most people in general. He loves one-on-one time, and often comes in bed to lay with me while he watches a movie. Kaydon has become such a great student, who works so hard at school. Kaydon has an amazing faith in our Father in Heaven, and knows that He is near as long as we are doing our part. Kaydon is the one who spends the most time with Colton, and because of that Kaydon is very empathetic and compassionate toward others. He gets frustrated with his brother, but it has really molded him into such an amazing human.

Kaydon wants to make movies when he gets older - not acting, but directing and producing and creating. His imagine is full of amazing ideas that really floor me every time I hear them.

Kaydon's nicknames are Kader, KK, Kader Raider, #3, Buddha, and Kaaaaayyy Kaaaaayyy.

Happy birthday KK!!

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