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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lucky Me!

I went to the doctor this past Tuesday for a meds check-up and while I was there, I had the doctor look at my back. You see, over the last couple of months I noticed a "condition" appearing on my lower back. (I am saving you from pictures. You're welcome) I had my boys look at it and it scared them. They continued to ask me to go to a doctor. I just didn't have time for that!

Turns out, I have radiation burns. They are from using a heating pad. This is a true story. Because I have had three back surgeries, I use a heating pad every day while I sit at my desk. I can't use heating pads or heating blankets anymore. Ever. The doctor won't know for about two months whether or not my back is permanently scarred, or if it will light up, or go away completely. For now, I'm just grateful to have a diagnosis, and I'm super grateful it's on my back where no one can see it!

I thought you needed a picture, but wanted to spare you from the one of my back. So, here's a stupid heating pad.

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