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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


On days when I am not working at my part-time job, I head home from my full-time job around 5. When I arrive, I immediately go to the kitchen - pick up what dishes are in the sink, make dinner, set the table, feed my children, vacuum, sweep, or start laundry, talk to my children about what homework they have and what projects are upcoming so that I can make sure they have what they need for them... Then I clean up dinner, finish the dishes, run whatever errands are needed that night, get the boys to take garbage out, get the boys to clean up, set their clothes out for the next day, have Colton take his nighttime pills and get in the shower. Then I get myself ready for bed and close my eyes.

Last night, as I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and dishes loaded and the floor swept I looked up to realize that all of my boys were at the table with their electronic devices. Usually I would get really upset with them for that, but I took a second last night and realized how blessed I am. I hadn't called them to the table for dinner yet. But they were all sitting there, in our tiny kitchen, close to me. All of my boys. No one was talking to each other and I didn't care. They were there.

On days when I work both jobs, I go right from the FT job to the PT job and don't get home until 11. I am so thankful for the nights when I do have time with them. My boys are awesome sauce.

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