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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Winner Winner!!

Wednesday was our annual City picnic for all employees. My guys were in charge of the games. We had blindfolded golf cart racing, lawn mower racing, volleyball, horseshoes, and a pitching wedge hole-in-one contest. My guys are so awesome, so creative, and are always up for a challenge! I was in charge of the pitching wedge contest, along with one of my guys. The closest pitch was 22 inches from the hole. The picnic was winding down, so as I was cleaning up, my guy (Colten) started pitching all of the balls up to the hole. As he was shagging his balls, I decided to take a shot. TWO INCHES from the hole! The look on Colten's face was priceless. I started screaming my boss's name from across the entire park. Of course, he looked over at me like, "What is Ray doing now??" When he got there and Colten had the tape measure up, he was like, "Give me your camera Ray!"

I was jumping up and down, screaming, clapping, and standing there in complete shock. I was a winner!!!!!

The best part is how happy my guys are for me. Everyone had to come up and look. They are oh, so good to me!

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