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Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

I love my crockpots. I have two of them. They cook most of our meals. I thought that today I would share a couple of the recipes that we are very happy with right now...

Hot Chicken (Miss T)
One package of chicken thighs (you can use any chicken cut. Miss T uses wings.)
One bottle of Red Hot Hot Sauce (I don't like ANYTHING hot. This is perfection.)
One package brown sugar

Stir the hot sauce and brown sugar together. Put the chicken in the crockpot. Put the sauce over it. Cook it on low all day. Done.

This is delicious. We love it. I have served it with red potatoes and carrots. I've also served it with just brown rice. You could do potato wedges. SO easy. So good!

Chicken Chili
Five large chicken breasts (skinless, boneless)
One can diced tomatoes (I just use a quart of my stewed tomatoes)
One can cream of chicken soup
Two cans white beans
Two cans black beans (I've used pinto beans, too)
One package chili seasoning mix
8 oz. cream cheese

Place the chicken on the bottom of the crock pot. Pour everything else, except the cream cheese, on top. Cook on low all day. About an hour, or so, before you serve it, cut up the cream cheese and put it in there so it melts. Shred the chicken at the same time. De-freaking-licious. Serve with sour cream, grated cheese, etc.

There are so many different ways to cook a beef roast in crock pot. This one was new to me and it is delicious.
Beef roast
Red potatoes
-Any other vegetables you want in there-
Two cans of brown gravy (I just use two packages of brown gravy mix and mix them up)

Put it all in the crock pot on low for all day. This is so good! I feel like this kept the roast really moist.

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