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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Heidi Days

Welcome back, Heidi Ray.

I spent a few days off the grid... in my home, or in other places with my children. I realized this morning that I hadn't done my hair or makeup since Friday morning. Pure joy. On Saturday, the children and I went to Lagoon for the last day of Lagoon-a-Beach. Like usual, I sat in my chair in the sun coloring while the children rode rides and picked up on girls.. you know, the usual. When we got home, I made a big batch of homemade peach ice cream. Then, my sweet Braxton begged and begged to go to Buffalo Wild Wings so we could watch the football game AND the fights. Colton came along. Notice, no makeup, hair pulled back, and peace.

Sunday, I was blistered and Braxton was sick. I slept while some of the boys went to church. They are good boys like that. Once I got out of bed, I bagged and froze 30 quarts of peaches. Delicious.

Monday, Jackson and I woke up early to go to the gym. I love having him as a gym partner. He makes me laugh so hard that I usually tinkle a little bit. Then we went and picked up a couple of pieces of furniture from Uncle Brandon's office. At that point, Jackson decided he wanted to spend the day with Mom, and after he had several panic attacks over the weekend, I was okay with that. We cleaned the carpets and then went to lunch. We watched Netflix and ate and chatted. I weeded out front and swept and mopped the kitchen floor. When the boys got home, I made dinner and we chatted some more.

People, it was perfect.

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