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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Living in a Boys' World

Yesterday, I went out with our Streets crew so that I could get pictures of them paving a street. It is so hot near that asphalt. I wasn't even on the asphalt. I was on the sidewalk and I felt like it was cooking my skin off. There are so many different aspects of paving. They have all these little measurements that they have to adjust mechanically. It takes a trained eye to see if there are high or low spots in the road that need to be fixed before the roller comes over it to set it. I was so proud of these boys of mine.

Even though they had to keep their eye on their responsibility at all times, they were constantly aware of where I was and always telling me to stay right with them. I would tell them I was a big girl and could take care of myself. They would just shake their heads and repeat to stay right with them so they knew I was safe.

On my way home from work, I traveled to JoAnn's Store. Kaydon needed supplies for a sewing project at school. As I entered the store after a long day at work, all I could think was how blessed I was to have the money in my account to buy these supplies for my boy, how blessed I am to be a mama to these boys, and how blessed I am to have these particular boys in my life.

When I got home, I made dinner and then told Braxton to meet me in my bed with his Geography homework. We labeled world maps for a few hours, laughed, ate some cherry sours, then I sent him off to bed and I went to dream land. Before I did, I said a silent prayer thanking Heavenly Father for these boys and for the gift of being their mama.

I can't imagine my life any other way.

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