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Friday, September 9, 2016

Our Trial and Triumph - A Week Full of Blessings

Even when things are hard... like really hard... if you look, you will still find blessings that you cannot even begin to number. They are infinite. They are there for us all of the time. We need to live worthy to receive them, and we need to open our eyes to see them and our hearts to let them in.
1. Health insurance
2. Taking Braxton to the doctor & eating lunch with him
3. Jackson going to the gym with me because HE wants to
4. Kaydon reminding me that we NEED family prayers every morning
5. Lunch with Rock
6. Peaches
7. A raise at Kohl's
8. Being a store trainer
9. Aunt Carrie taking Colton for a blood draw (She might be traumatized)
10. Brandon giving me a blessing Monday night
11. Coloring
12. Frozen grapes
13. Crazy co-workers who make me laugh
14. Cooler mornings
15. The ability to take the three youngest to school every day
16. Work ethic
17. Music
18. The matchbox
19. Scriptures
20. The ability for the boys' dad and I to be friends now

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