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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Stuff and More Stuff

There is always stuff, isn't there? This mama is tired. Two nights this week, I have had the boys put a movie on in my room and have laid with them while we let our brains go to mush. I feel like I am just exhausted.

Now that I am doing the training at Kohl's, I am working more hours. The nights aren't as late when I train, because I make sure to hold it to a couple of hours, but it's still a lot and I feel like my house to going to the birds! I feel like my kids are desperate for Mom to cook and not to have to rely on Mac and Cheese, Ramen, or quesadillas. This weekend, I need to find time to get freezer meals done or get stuff organized to get the crock pot ready for the week ahead.

Last night, I could not get my boys' attention. I needed one to do one thing, another to do another, a third to do something different and I was relatively certain that I was talking to the walls because nothing was happening. So, I went and put this hat on. Suddenly, I had undivided attention. Yes, they were odd stares, but I had them! I told Jackson that if he asked me to Homecoming, I would wear this hat. He told me that he couldn't come near me because he was certain there was something living on my head.

Ogden had a little storm hit this week. Flooding, power outages, trees down - you know just the norm. It was actually terrifying to be in the office and watch it all unfold... in the dark. Mommy no likey. As I was leaving work, though, this beautiful rainbow appeared. It's always a reminder if we let it be. We can be in the darkest of our hours, when we cannot see the blue sky through the heavy, dark, threatening, frightening clouds that are dumping on us, that are taking away our light, that are preventing us from going outside to get fresh air. But if we will just keep going, just wait it out, the rainbow will always come out.
Oh, and the thumb. No broken bones. No soft tissue! His soft tissue in the hand and wrist are obliterated. Too many injuries. Awesome. Cast for another three weeks, or so. Then, we will begin range of motion and see if he needs surgery. Not awesome.
Carry on.

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