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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cleanin' Up

Thursday, some of us City workers and a whole bunch of LDS missionaries went back down to the river to do some serious cleanup. We (the boys) chopped down weeds, invasive species of trees and bushes, and vines that seriously made that place look like a haunted forest. Me? I stood by and yelled, "Watch OUT!" a lot. I also moved a few branches. I laughed a lot. Oh, I also held a rake and the needle purse. (the needle purse is for any needles we might find)

I talked with my boys. I sometimes threw things at my boys. I stayed very close to my boys, just in case there were transients that were hidden in the bushes (and there were a few). On the way back to the office, Jason's phone rang a few times. It was the other boys making sure that someone had me because they couldn't find me. They are such good boys!!!

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