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Monday, October 3, 2016

So Close

Meet my Ashabash (Ashley). Ashley is one of my boys at work. I have 86 of them who are full-time and several more who are seasonal. Also, I have nicknames for everyone I meet, so Ash is Ashabash.
Friday, there was an accident. Ashabash was at a location to haul wood off once my Forestry crew cut down a tree. Ash was about 30 feet away when a large log fell, demolished the caribeaner, and a metal piece (the size of a candy bar) flew into my Ashabash's face. One inch higher, it would have killed him. One inch lower, it would have killed him. The doctors spent a lot of time getting pieces of his cheek bone out of his face, then sewed up an enormous hole (the size of his entire cheek) back up from the bone out. He has four layers of stitches.

Our guys do dangerous things - pave roads, work in trenches on sewer lines, climb poles and trees, work with heavy equipment, work with sharp equipment, work with the public... the list goes on and on. But, today I am so thankful that my Ash is okay. He's alive. He is swollen and black and blue and purple and sore. But, he's alive. I loved on him and loved on him this morning when I saw him.

So close.

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