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Monday, October 10, 2016

Welcome Back, Ray!

I have been off the hook for a few days. By that I mean that I have been like a phone, dangling by a cord with that beep beep beep beep sound. Yesterday when I got off work, the boys and I drove down to Nana and Pops house. I needed my mama. I needed to have my mama love on me. I also needed a blessing from Pops. And, it was the most beautiful blessing I have ever had. It was word for word what I have been praying for. It was beautiful. I felt better when I left to go home.

Last week consisted of Colton getting a black eye and then lying to me about how he got it. It consisted of Jackson flooding the kitchen because he put hand soap in the dishwasher. It consisted for two days at the gang conference, which is always emotionally draining. It consisted of a lot of work. It consisted of days when I just didn't want to fight anymore.

It also consisted of trips to the gym. It consisted of hugs and loves from the boys. It consisted of making dinner for my boys. It consisted of coloring, movies, and smoothies from Kneaders. It consisted of blessings. Weeks always consist of blessings.

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