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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankful! - Bert

I sure wish I had a picture of Bert to put on here this morning! Bert is in our ward. Bert is Kaydon's hometeaching companion. Bert came up to me a few months ago, after Sacrament Meeting in tears. He said that he looked forward all week, every week, to seeing my boys taking care of the Sacrament. He said that it made him so happy and brought him such joy. He said that he hoped my boys were as nice in person as they seemed at Church. What a sweet man!

Bert dropped by one night and brought us donuts, because he thought we might like a treat. A couple of months ago, Bert told Kaydon that if KK raked his leaves every day after school, he would pay him. Well, Kaydon hasn't missed a day and Bert has paid him --- but he's paid him in far more than money. Bert often sends home treats and drinks. Last night, he sent home bananas and oranges. He has also planted in Kaydon a special spirit. He's taught Kaydon work ethic. He's taught Kaydon the gift of giving and charity.

I am so thankful for Bert, and so many other Priesthood holders. I have often tearfully prayed for help in raising my boys. My burden is heavy and I often feel that my efforts come up far too short. I have been told in Priesthood blessings that Heavenly Father would make up the difference. And, He has. My boys have been blessed with honorable Priesthood holders throughout their lives who have taught them, supported them, and loved them. I am so thankful.

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