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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful! - Buddha

Kaydon Trask Jorgensen. My Buddha. My miracle boy. You had such a hard first four years of your life. You spent most of your time on the 4th floor at Primary Children's. When you were home, you were hooked up to machines and constantly monitored. You were the reason I was always interested in nursing growing up, I suppose. I was able to care for you in a very personal manner. I loved making sure you were comfortable and being your advocate always. You were always a fighter, and continue to be. Your imagination is one of my favorite things about you. You are so creative and always wanting to create and recreate things. You are a great brother to Colton. You are the one who will sit and play games with him and keep him busy. You love movies and games. You, too, are so sensitive. You will come and lay in bed with Mom and just talk to me about things that are hard.

You are so, so close to Heavenly Father. You are always wanting to do what you can to feel the Spirit. You love to serve and are loving the time you spend with Bert each day after school to help him with what he needs. You are so compassionate and empathetic. I love that about you. You love being around family. It's your favorite things. You are the only one who makes your bed before school every morning... thank you! You are protective of Mom and are constantly telling me that you love me. Oh, how I love you Buddha!

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