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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thankful! - Dr. Mizell

In this picture, Kaydon is a year old. He is on the couch, while Jackson and Braxton are pulling each others' ears. I believe this is in between his G tube and his GJ tube, and that's why the NG tube is in. He hated that thing... and so did I because he pulled it out constantly. I probably dropped 100 NG tubes in this kiddo. He was on continual feeds, so it had to be in all the time. The G tube and GJ tubes were life savers!

Kaydon was a sick, sick baby. He was not expected to survive. There were many, many, many times that we were in the hospital and told that there was nothing more that could be done, that Kaydon was going to pass away. Dr. Mizell was his gastroenterologist. He was also his advocate, his corner man, his protector, his cheerleader, his buddy. He loved Kaydon like I've never seen a doctor love a patient before.

There were many, many, many mornings when Dr. M would come in to do rounds early in the morning and he would gently wake me and tell me to go down and eat breakfast and shower and he would hold Kaydon. Those were the ONLY times I left my boy. When I would come back to the room, I would find him rocking my Kaydon in the rocking chair every time.

Today, Kaydon is 14. He is completely healthy. He still has his nissen in place, which prevents him from vomiting. But he eats just fine. He runs and jumps and can play sports (albeit carefully). He is full of life and energy and hope and love. He is my little love. He is now my protector and my advocate and my cheerleader.

I am so thankful for a doctor who not only did his job in a most excellent way, but who did it with love and compassion and confidence.

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