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Monday, November 7, 2016

Thankful! - Mommy Martha

When we moved into the West Point First Ward, I remember seeing this beauty from across the chapel and thinking how beautiful she was. We became friends after she started cutting my kids hair. I realized that her heart was even more beautiful than her face, and that is saying something!

Heidi is an amazing mommy and wife. She is an amazing homemaker. She is super creative and so fun. Everyone who meets her loves her.

She has listened to me vent and listened to me weep. She was the one I called right after Josh told me that he and his girlfriend were having a baby. She came right over and just held me and let me cry. She comforted Jackson who couldn't control his emotions. She was there when the Priesthood arrived to give us blessings. She was always there.
I feel so unbelievably blessed to call this girl my sister from another mister. I love her more than she knows!

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