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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thankful! - Peanut

Braxton Dean Jorgensen. My Peanut. I am so thankful for this little munchkin. You were the best baby. You were my easiest labor and delivery. You were the only one I was able to nurse at all, really. You were the cutest baby. Your cheeks went on forever. Your eyes were always so big. You were bald for quite some time. You had this thing with having your binkie upside down and dragging your blankie behind you. You always had an arched eyebrow. Seriously, you made people laugh all the time. We had an exersaucer. You broke it by jamming out in it. So funny!

Brax, you are such a good worker. You can fix anything. You are the one we call on when something is not working or needs to be fixed or replaced. You can figure anything out. You are good with computers and technology. You are also sensitive and emotional. You get very quiet when things are tough. You give the sweetest prayers. You always thank Heavenly Father for our trials. I have learned so much from that. You are the best workout partner ever! I love that you go with me. You have some physical challenges. You seem to be easily injured, and it's starting to effect you. You get frustrated and a little down that you are always sore and injured. You respect and honor your Priesthood duties and I am so proud of that in all of you! You, like all of your brothers, take care of your mama. You tuck me in, you get upset when I cry, you are very protective. You love that Brooklyn. You've always had a very special bond with her. You are going to do amazing things, Peanut. Mommy loves you so much!

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