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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thankful! - RRH

It's the thankful month, you know?! I am so thankful for so stinking much in our lives that I am pretty much going to tell you about it the entire month. You're welcome!

This guy right here is RRH. He was my boss at SLCC. He and I were partners in eLearning for some of the best years of my life. This guy right here gave me a voice. He taught me that my opinions weren't stupid or shallow or uneducated. He taught me that what I thought mattered. I'll never forget my first day when he asked my opinion in front of a group of his peers. I was startled. No one had ever cared about what I thought. Ever. I answered his question and then he was quiet for a second. Then, he said (in front of HIS peers)that he agreed with me and that we would move forward with my idea. What?! Wait. What?! From that moment forward, he never stopped. He constantly asked for my opinion and my concerns and he respected them every single time. He may not have agreed with them and we may have discussed them. But he ALWAYS respected them.

He never wanted me to be with J. He knew that he was bad for me. He knew it and he hinted at it, but he respected my choice. He cried with me when I cried and he laughed with me when I laughed. When I went back to the Temple, he cried tears of joy for me and told me that he was "proud" of me. That made my day. I have missed him every day since I left, even though I know how blessed I am to have P now. RRH gave me confidence and made me recognize my worth.

Yesterday, he messaged me to tell me that he has taken a position in St. George. I am so stinking happy for him. I am happy for his family. I am so proud of him and his diligence and integrity. RRH showed me what a husband and a father and a worthy priesthood holder looks like. Last night, in his final message to me, he told me that he was proud of me again. It made my day again.

This guy, though.

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