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Monday, December 12, 2016

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday was the day. Saturday morning, Colton and I set out for the spot in the falling snow and freezing temperatures. Colton was anxious. We arrived early so that I could get him settled. He got his face painted first, and did so good. Ernie and Chris showed up just when they were finishing his cute snowflake cheek. Thank goodness. I love how Colton reacts to Ernie. All Ernie has to do is put his hand on Colton's shoulder and Colton's whole body relaxes.

All of a sudden, 20 teenage kids dressed as elves descended down the stair case. Colton was NOT into the elves. He began to screech and plan his getaway. It was not awesome. Ernie just held his hand and told him it was okay. We had to go through the elves to get upstairs to our table. Not awesome. Ernie and Colton walked right up the stairs! So cute! Our table was right by the door. Thank goodness. There were coloring place mats for him to do. The food was great. The other families at our table were so patient with Colton. Ernie stood on his left and Chris on this right. Cute fact - Colton refused to call Chris by Chris. He insisted that she was Christine.

There was an elf assigned to each table. We had THE best elf of all time. His name was Holly Jolly Jake. He was perfect with Colton. Colton just loved seeing Santa. He wasn't so big on Mrs. Claus. Who is?!

Such a great time! Thanks Ernie and Chris for the tickets!

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