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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Eve with Bert

Our sweet Bert invited us for Christmas Eve dinner. We walked to his house in the beautiful falling snow. It was so pretty! We met his son, his son's wife, and three of their children there. We ate a yummy dinner and Kaydon took us on a tour of his home. His home is full of antiques. It is something to behold! It's beautiful. We played a couple of games before Colton was more than ready to head home. The three older boys stayed for a few more hours while Colton and I walked home in the dark, amidst the falling snow. It was so beautiful.

I am so thankful for Bert. He has healed Kaydon's heart in so many ways. And I believe Kaydon has done the same for him. It was a perfect Christmas Eve. I feel like we didn't mind to any of our traditions. I forgot to get the boys their annual Christmas tree ornament. In the moves, we seem to have lost most of them anyways. I had pajama bottoms for them, but couldn't remember which present they were. So, they opened them Christmas morning. We didn't take any neighbor treats around. I felt like a failure for a moment. Then, I realized it's all going to be okay.

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